15 November 2006

God - To believe in or not to ?

I cannot believe in a God who wants to be praised all the time. - Friedrich Nietzsche

Do you Believe in God ? - I think, this eternal question has 2 important words 'Believe' and 'God', which unless explained would not give a meaningful answer.

'Belief' is the key word in the question. I dont really understand the other. When I was kid, I believed in ghosts, tooth fairies, simple maths like 1+1=2 and many other things. At that time, I didn't understand the statement 1+1=2. If my teacher or parents said that, then it had to be true. I wouldn't have dared to question on ghosts or maths. It is easier to believe in them. Belief doesn't require proof. No one ever proved to me that 1+1=2 or that ghosts exist. Belief totally depends on the person who propogates the idea, not the idea itself. What you believe in depends completely on Who said it, unless you think about it and have enough information to get to a rational conclusion.

If a hooligan in my neighbourhood claimed that a Super Massive Blackhole exists in the centre of Milky way. Would I believe it? I would probably think he has some ulterior motives behind his claim. Afterall, how much can a crook know about science. Super Massive Blackholes in Milkyway.. Crazy idea in a crazy brain..bullshit..

But if my physics professor claimed that Blackholes do not exist and have never been proved, I wouldn't think twice before believing it. Ofcourse Physics is my professor's cup of tea. And he has no benefit of misleading me.

That was a hypothetical situation. In fact a Super Massive Backhole was detected, very recently, right at the centre of Milky Way. The point is I do not have the information on everything. I have no clue on when earth was created. When a geologist says 4.6 billion years, I really can't aruge. So, be it. He could have said 400 billion and I still wouldn't argue. I believe in lot of things based on who says it. The truth value of each of things I believe in are debatable. They might be true or absolute trash. I cannot tell the difference until proved.

'God', on the other hand, is the most relative concept of all time. Every person gives a different definition of who He/She is. There are probably as many defintions of God as people on earth. Who's definition should I believe in? Two commonly agreeable properties of God are:
Omnipresent -> but somehow He chooses to be invisible.
Omnipotent -> but somehow He chooses not to give any rational proof of his power.
None of the people I know has ever claimed to see or feel God or his power. So basically I do not have a proof that He exists. I also do not have a proof that He doesn't.

My take is I would believe in any God, if defined without any paradoxes. Most of the Gods I read about are jealous, power-hungry, vindictive, childish, silly, negotiable, easily-impressable dictators. They get offended when you pray a different God or if you dont pray at all. God indulges in You-do-this-for-me-I-do-that-for-you kind of silly stuff. I really dont understand why God needs us at all. It is us who should need God. If I were God, I really wouldn't care so much about humans.

I find no definition of God which meets my expectation and no person qualified to make me believe.

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