23 January 2011


I usually don't review movies. I try to enjoy them.. and forget about them. I am not interested in the acting prowess of the actors, nor am I interested in the director's ability to capture life's nuances on camera.

I am interested in the dish, not in the cook nor the recipe.

Dhobhi-ghat is boring.. well..thats the way most of the audience felt for most of the time. There were some laughs.. but mostly these were a let-out from the extreme boredom & detachment of the movie.

Plot: Four dysfunctional people.. trying to find sex and solace from another. The protagonists are jobless, watch others and sometimes wash dirty linen in public.
Background: Mumbai.. The usual. Rain.. Lots of poor people hurrying around in their lives.. Ganesh immersion.. Local trains... [they forgot dabbawallas].
Climax: Nobody gets it.
Moral : Photographers chase designers who get inspired by a dead muse. Meanwhile, dhobhis generally help around.

Lesson: Marketing can create artists.. but not art.

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